What We Do:

At Solve for Pattern, we provide the scaffolding, tools and coaching that spark the design of bold ideas, implementation maps, and measure impact. We know how to help you get the most from your insight and help integrate the discovered solutions quickly and then measure success to implement the finding and bring even more focused innovation.


When the infrastructure has been built and a strategy crafted, creating an implementation map is the final piece that takes planning into action. Implementation, not planning, is the key to innovation. It is the difference between a good idea and a breakthrough.

At Solve for Pattern we recognize that strategizing and data collection are for naught if they don’t illuminate emerging patterns that help guide the way. Rather than continuing to rely primarily on data, we should look for patterns. They will provide a more reliable index of which information is worthy of our time and attention.

We guide leaders as they hold the community vision. We nudge, support, coach through the rough spots, and cheer them on as they:

Create ecosystems to support creativity that leads to change.

Ensure there is flexibility in their plan that supports collaboration, tinkering, trying and failing, re-thinking, and doing it all over again.
Hold each other accountable for making success.

Infrastructure & Systems Design

Shifting culture and creating impact are big changes with a lot of moving parts: leadership, community vision and vested stakeholders to mention just a few. To bring these pieces together, a new infrastructure must be built to support and guide the journey.